Oak Series 2024

Saturday January 27th Start 0730am to approximately 10.30am

50 Freestyle

100m Backstroke

100m Individual Medley

Saturday April 13th Start 0730am to approximately 10.30am  

50m Backstroke

100m Butterfly

200m Freestyle

Saturday June 29th Start 0730am to approximately 10.30am

50m Butterfly

100m Breaststroke

200m Backstroke

Monday 8th July during normal training time.

200m Breaststroke

200m Butterfly (Seniors only)

Saturday November 9th Start 0730am to approximately 10.30am 

50m Breaststroke

100m Freestyle

200mIndividual Medley

RELAYS (Fins v Flippers)

400m Freestyle

Mon 4th November

Wed 6th November